30 Day Drumming Challenge: SINGLES

Starts June 1st 2017

“What gets measured gets managed” – Anon

– Time and time again I see students frustrated at not having the ‘hands’ to play their favourite groove/song /fill/solo. Worse still not having the know how and a plan to fix these deficiencies.

Common Questions/Comments:
What should I practice? How do I practice? I never worked on the rudiments. How do I stick to a practice routine? How do I get results from practicing? How do I know if I am improving?

Like all rudiments, singles are incredibly simple… or infinitely difficult.
It’s one thing to know what ‘singles’ are and go around hitting RLRL. It’s quite another to get an A+ on singles and have world-class hands.

Reality check: Our drumming heroes did not get their phenomenal hand speed/technique by chance or luck. They worked at it and played… a LOT!
We all have to start somewhere and why not start at the beginning. The first rudiment we all learn and one that you can’t avoid… SINGLES!

Goals/Aims of our 30 days together:

* Get back into drumming (I’ve personally had a long injury layoff)
* Create and stick to a routine
* Build on success/positivity and not constantly bang your head against a brick wall.
* Change how you think about and approach the instrument
* Learn a practice template that you can adapt to any area of your drumming (or life).
* Improve accuracy
* Build speed
* Enhance theory understanding
* Start to grasp bigger picture drumming/music concepts
* Learn how to use subdivisions
* Lock quickly into changing tempos
* Improve stick technique
* Become aware of ergonomics
* Learn the benefits of regularly recording yourself
* Organically & SLOWLY increase your endurance/ability/understanding

Some people I credit for making me turn things upside down and think!
Any or all of these people are worth serious time and attention.

K. Anders Ericsson (internationally recognized as a researcher in the psychological nature of expertise and human performance).

Tommy Igoe
Mike Johnston
Benny Greb

Tim Ferriss, ‘The Tim Ferriss Show’ (Podcast)
Stephen J. Dubner, Freakonomics Podcast.

No No No! You're doing it all wrong!

No No No! You’re doing it all wrong!

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