AC/DC – ‘Back In Black’ Full Drum Transcription

Andrew Rooney Drums


‘Rock beat #1’, ‘Money Beat’, ‘Billie Jean Beat’… whatever you want to call it it rocks! You HAVE to
Have this beat down in order to play this song and in fact most pop or rock songs.
Work on it. Don’t underestimate it! Whether it’s Classic Rock or the latest Beyonce track this groove
isn’t going anywhere.
Do you sound like Phil Rudd when you play it? Are you rushing? Are you dragging? Or is it smack
bang in the pocket?

‘Good Medicine always tastes bad’.
Record yourself. Ever heard your voice back on a video or see a photo of yourself and think ‘Huh?, do i sound/look like that!?’. Recording yourself works the same way. It is what it is. No chance to fool yourself.
Trust me this helps. It REALLY helps. You will learn more from watching 1 minute of yourself play than an hour of blissfully ignorant and unrecorded practise.

Phil Rudd is a legend. He has a distinctive sound and a meat and potatoes approach which i love.
He doesn’t even use a ride. No unnecessary frills or fills. Stripped back, raw and energetic.
Always playing for the song and a pocket that just doesn’t quit.

Tip: He doesn’t completely close his hats when they are ‘closed’. There’s still a bit of air in there.
Great snare tone too. Phil has a ‘Fat’ snare sound! Hit the middle of your drums to achieve that fat-ness.

‘Back In Black’ is a sample of my ‘Full Song Transcriptions’. Please find the free and full transcription for this killer track here!

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