Auckland Drum Kit Tuning Services

Frustrated with the sound of your drum kit? Toms ringing? Snare rattling? Kick weak or ‘boingy’?
Whether you are a beginner who doesn’t know where to start or an experienced player unsatisfied with your sound, I can help you! There is NOTHING worse than playing a horrible sounding kit.
Poor Tuning/Over Muting.

I can visit your house, studio, school, church or venue to tune the kit for you.


$80 for call out and tuning, (Tuning takes approx 30mins).

$150 for call out, tuning and instruction. I can tune the kit WITH you and show you exactly what i am doing. Then go over the steps again with YOU doing them to ensure you are comfortable. (Approx 1 hour 30 mins).

Please contact me to organise a day & time that suits.

DISCLAIMER: I can only work with what you have!
If you are concerned with the condition of the drum kit and in particular the heads (skins), please include photos with your email. I can make a quick assessment and let you know the best way to proceed.