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ep.41 Aaron Edgar (Part 1) – Third Ion / Modern Drummer / Drumeo

Photo cred. This episode is a great catch up with Aaron. We geek out on gear, talk the current state of music distribution and get into some quickfire questions. Stay tuned for a more technical episode to follow up this one! Aaron is a regular contributor to both Modern Drummer Magazine and Drumeo. Check…

ep.36 Drummers Day Out (with Swap Gomez & Jono Sawyer)

Drummers Day Out (DDO) est. 2017 is a FREE community led initiative presented by OMAC, Auckland Council. DDO brings together New Zealand’s finest working drummers and percussionists presenting clinics, workshops and candid Q+A sessions. Featured guests, Swap Gomez & Jono Sawyer. Special thanks to Amy Lapwood for engineering and photo credits. NZ Drummer Podcast. Available…

ep.35 The Importance Of Fundamentals (Minisode)

  ‘You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.’ – Michael Jordan   ‘Fundamental’ via adjective serving as, or being an essential part of, a foundation or basis; basic; underlying:fundamental principles; the fundamental structure. of, relating to, or affecting the foundation or basis:a fundamental revision. being an original or primary source:a fundamental idea. Music. (of a chord) having its root as its lowest note.…

ep.12 Patrick Kuhtze – Freelance / Kick / Feijoa Jam / Hands Off

A bit of a treat right here. I got the chance to chat with one of my drum idols.
Pat has been a legend on the scene since 1981.


A new segment of listener questions is featured!

We also talk about his time with legendary covers act ‘Kick’ and an obscene amount of gigs over the years. Pat is always a great laugh and doesn’t disappoint.
Recorded at Pat’s lovely residence in Browns Bay, 12th July 2018.

Ladies & Gentlemen. Strap in!
The one and only Patrick Kuhtze…

Song credit. Dark Horse – ‘Chill Groove Mix’
Dark Horse is Eddie Rayner, Clive Franks, Jim Hall & Patrick Kuhtze.

ep.7 Ron Samsom – Auckland University Jazz Programme HOD

Ron Samsom began lecturing at The University of Auckland in 2003 and has coordinated the Jazz Studies programme since 2006. His current teaching portfolio includes: jazz history, honours composition, percussion ensemble, small ensembles, drum set instruction and postgraduate supervision. Ron is an active performer, composer and researcher in the area of improvised music and his…

ep.1 Swap Gomez – Yoko-Zuna


We chat about endorsements. Also…

NZ Rockshop and how they have helped his career.
– The Kindness of the NZ drumming community.
– Important lessons learnt.
– Advice from Keith Carlocks’ drum tech.
– Why would ‘Wipeout’ impress Simon Cowell?

Recorded at SAE Studios 18th April 2018

What I Learnt From 2017

It has become popular to dismiss new years resolutions as silly, frivolous and almost a metaphor for how to fail. I’ve also noticed a stigma surrounding heartfelt social media updates (alcohol infused?) and many cynical, sarcastic attempts to mock them (guilty). That being said… here’s the reality. Most of us are on holiday. Possibly our…

Off The Record: Paul Barry

He has toured the World. His music has been featured in commercials, TV and film. A multi instrumentalist. An active and motivated guy on the local scene both with his teaching and playing. He has also earwormed me with his guilty pleasure song. Ladies & Gentlemen… Paul Barry. Favourite food? – Indian Favourite film? – That’s…

Common Drummer Mistakes: Part 5 – Attributing Special Powers To Great Drummers

5. Attributing mystical powers to great drummers. ‘Lazy people are going East, the hard workers are going West. You’re going further and further apart every day’ – Kenny Aronoff ‘I auditioned for the number one student orchestra in the USA… First year, completely flubbed my audition for Vic Firth. Second Year I come back, failed…

New Year, New Practise Routine

Some quotes/mantras that have encouraged me to turn my practise routine upside down and re evaluate everything i’m doing…. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford “By changing nothing, nothing changes.” – Tony Robbins “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority,…

‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ Justin Timberlake – Full Song Transcription and Video Lesson

You are probably wondering why my last 3 blog posts have been Justin Timberlake related…. No, i’m not President of the Justin Timberlake fan club. But these are the songs i’ve most recently had to learn. The chart is somewhere between the actual recording and my interpretation of how to best play the tune with…

How To Network Like A Pro

Don’t network. Honestly… don’t. ‘Networking’ sounds like you’re walking around Wall Street in 1991 with an enormous cell phone. I would eliminate the word from your vocabulary. Build real relationships with people. Don’t treat them as a stepping stone to personal glory. Can we replace ‘network’ with ‘friends’? ‘It’s not what you know, It’s who…

Playing with Click Tracks

The age old debate! Discussion can get heated around this topic. Camp A will argue that a click ‘sterilises’ the music. Makes it too robotic and doesn’t leave enough room to breathe and develop organically. Camp B will argue that ‘you’re either in time or out of time’. It makes things sound tighter, more professional.…