Crazy weekend!

A break from the run of Q & A’s with my friends. This is actually a more standard blog/diary type entry…

I remember Tommy Igoe bringing up in his ‘Groove Essentials’ book/dvd series that NOW is the time to practise, because when things take off you won’t have time. I just had THAT weekend. I’m currently doing ‘Hairspray – The Musical’ at Sky City Theatre so that greatly inflates the amount of gigs, but i also had a session call at Bronzewing Recording studio and a tonne of teaching. Crazy!

4 gigs, lot’s of students and a recording session = zero practise time.

That’s a good problem to have! The fact that i was too busy to actually work on stuff meant i just had to be in the moment and DO IT. The old theory ‘you need gigs, to get gigs’ and ‘1 gig is worth 10 practise sessions’ is so true.

I was delighted to session in at Bronzewing. I tried out some different tuning methods and it’s always good listening back to yourself. Ended up using the house kit. A Tama Birch kit. Tuned everything loose as a goose and Phat! Love it. Damn i want a Tama now!

I charted out a pop tune and tracked it in one take. Then on the spur of the moment we decided to overdub a shaker for the chorus. The owner of The studio was so happy with it he even wrote me this amazing letter

Busy times!

Take care & be nice to eachother!

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