ep.10 Greg Haver – Production Tips For The Studio

Greg Haver Pic

‘If there was one mic on the drum kit, imagine you are that mic…’

If you don’t know drummer/producer Greg Haver I suggest starting with some of his credits on AllMusic.
Just some artists that piqued my interest were Manic Street Preachers, Catatonia, Mel C, Super Furry Animals, Tom Jones, The Simpsons (yes the TV Show), Op Shop, The Feelers.

We enjoyed a coffee together and discussed…
How Greg got into production. The key to Bonham’s sound. How to get the most out of your drums (or any instrument). Autotune! Studio techniques and tips.
This is a good one!

Recorded May 31st 2018 at Greg’s house in Titirangi, Auckland NZ.


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