ep.24 Mark Charters – Theatre Drumming / Teaching / Life


‘Groove is a negotiation’
‘Are you overplaying, or under executing?’
‘The race for quality has no finish line’

Mark is a Brisbane based drummer, currently in Auckland with the theatre production ‘Aladdin’ which is playing at the Civic. Mark has a wealth of experience as a tutor and player.

We go in on…
– Touring life as Theatre drummer.
– Some of his favorite Aussie AND Kiwi drummers.
– Getting kidnapped in panel vans and taken to drum sheds (spoiler alert: he survived!).
– Why did Buddy Rich’s business card not have any contact details? Only the letters ‘MFIC’.
– Bass Player Jokes, BA DOM CHISH!
And much MUCH more!

Music: ‘The In Fantasy’ by The Strange Music Of Reality
Bass Guitar, Synthesizer, Sampler – Jeremy Alsop
Drums, Loops – Mark Charters
Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer – Michael Azzopardi
Trumpet, Synthesizer – Rohan Wallis

This is fairly long episode. But it’s full of humor and GREAT info. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy! Ladies & Gentlemen… Mark Charters.

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