ep.25 Stan Bicknell – Balance & Consistency


‘You know what the plan is? Get better, and don’t have any expectations. If you can go into something, getting better at it with no expectations… you only get rewards. I don’t expect anything from my instrument anymore. And guess what… the day I let that go was the day things started really happening for me.’ – Stan Bicknell.

It was great to chat to Stan just prior to the release of his Drumeo live session to youtube!
Stan is a great hang and a great guy.

We talk about…
– Being a part of ‘The New Caledonia’ and ’48 May’, backing artists such as Kimbra. And going it alone as an Instagram super drummer.
– Why you need to get your priorities straight to succeed on the drums (or life in general).
– A key word for Stan. Balance.
– Stan’s incredibly simple and logical approach on how to improve.
– Multiple listener questions, and a whole new listener call in segment!
And much, MUCH more.

* Coffee is an essential element of any half decent podcast and Stan is in the coffee game at Rumble Coffee.

* Stan only has 141 thousand followers on Instagram so please support him here.

* Do NOT miss his live lesson over at drumeo

Stan plays…
Zildjian Cymbals & Sticks
Remo Drum Heads
Pearl Drums

Ladies & Gentlemen… Stan Bicknell

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