ep.33 Auckland Covers Gigs – Round table discussion (Part 2)


Too much fun chatting drums with these great players and great friends.
Clocking up somewhere between 700 and 800 covers gigs a year collectively, we go in on all aspects of covers gigging in Auckland.

Part 2 picks up with…
– Great sound guys/bad sound guys.
– Contracts.
– How to get paid.
– Why you should never judge a book by it’s cover (see what I did there?)
– Becoming a better player through covers gig mileage.
– Why great drummers sound great.
– Our favorite drummers.
– The massive influence of legendary NZ covers act ‘Kick’.

Matt Samuels – Mix Tape Brothers
Dan Claydon – Delorean
Sam Edgar – Danny Doolans
Ricky Howard – Black Salt

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