ep.43 Drumming Myths (with Chris Dawson & Dan Claydon)

itunes logo‘Don’t play too fast at dinner time, or people won’t be able to digest their food’

Myth busting… pet peeves? Three grumpy old guys sitting around shaking their fists at the clouds?
This was an episode in the works for a long time. A lot of fun.

Myth or reality…?

– Pocket vs Chops. Mutually exclusive?
– You play better when you’re drunk.
– If you can’t play… you teach.
– What’s the best practice method/theory!?
– If you stay on the click you are playing in time.
Tempo… eeeish
– Play faster to increase the intensity. Slower to relax.
– ‘We play faster to get the dance floor happening!’
– Having a music degree means you are a better player.
– Qualifications on the drums.
– Drummers who play for big bands are immediately awesome.
– Lars is a s**t drummer.
– Practice vs Playing.
– Everyone who does a music degree sounds the same.
– You can get good by watching YouTube videos.
– How long will it take me to get good?
– Rudiments…
– Best sticks, best pedals, best cymbals, best drums…
– Searching for the gear that will solve a problem with your drumming.
– How to achieve (insert famous drummers) drum sound.
– It’s just a crappy covers gig.
– Some music is better than other music.
– Feel and groove… you either have it or you don’t.


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