Drum Lesson FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding drum lessons.

Am i too old to learn the drums‘?
– There is no age limit to learning an instrument. Some of my most satisfied students are adults who are deriving massive enjoyment from their new found skills. Today is the day to start learning the drums and tick it off your bucket list!

Is my child too young to get drum lessons‘?
– Possibly. I start young children on the kit at min 6 years of age. This is due to the physical nature of the instrument and the need to reach foot pedals. Basic rhythm lessons are available to children under 6.

Does it matter if i’ve never played an instrument before‘?
– No. We all have to start somewhere. Your potential on the drums is in no way reliant on previous music lessons.

What if i’m not very good/co-ordinated?
-Contrary to popular belief no one just sits down behind a drum kit and can play brilliantly. Practice, Patience and Perseverance ALWAYS wins in the end.

Do i have to learn to read drum music‘?
– I would strongly recommend this. Not understanding how music notation works excludes you from utilising the many brilliant instructional books that are on the market and understanding ‘drum talk’. Reading has helped me immensely both in capacity to learn and also with expanding the amount and type of gigs i can do.

Do i need to buy a drum kit‘?
-Basically yes. To improve on any instrument requires a regular practise routine and this is only possible if you have regular access to that instrument. A great starting point is a practise pad and pair of sticks until you take the plunge into buying your first drum kit.

How much should i practice‘?
-This depends on your lifestyle and how good you want to be. Basic guidelines are 10-15mins daily for very young students. 30mins daily for intermediate aged students and above. Serious teenage and adult students can aim for up to 1 hour daily. Professional drummers have been known to practise anywhere between 2 and 12 hours daily! Coming to your drum lesson is great, but you will need to put in some extra practice.

Can you prepare me for Music Assesments / Exams at school or entering a music degree at University‘?
– Yes i work on music assessments with students all the time. Some of my students have won music awards at school prizegivings. I have all the relevant material for preparing to enter University Music programmes.