Feb 2017 Practise Pack Debrief

So i packed all the transcriptions and notation info into one pdf file for Feb.
I was BUSY!

Heaps of gigs, heaps of teaching and Life getting in the way.

Some key learnings for Feb 2017…

* I look forward to and make time for practise now like NEVER before.
* VERY happy with my current practise plan.
* Learnt about bearing edges, shell construction and other stuff that unexpectedly became important. Story for another time…
* Had a session using a Q Drum Co. Snare (Black Beauty) and a Samplonius Drum Co. Snare. Both on loans.
Reviewed the Samplonius one here.
Both recorded beautifully.
* Fell in love with Yamaha Recording Customs. New dream kit.
* Re confirmed how you need to over prepare for studio work.
* Less is more.
* Basics are everything. What are you bulletproof on? What can you execute under pressure and play like a pro?
* Found out about the Modern Drummer podcast.

Back to work. Emailing students, editing videos, ironing collared shirts for gigs, rearranging students around sound checks. This madness never ends, but i love it!

Talk soon!

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