Feb 2017 – Practise Vlog

Here is a more detailed write up on how and why i am practising this way.

Here is the PDF for the entire month’s work.

* Everything this month was just recorded with a single condenser. No close Miking.

1. Famous Fill/Groove
Spin Doctors ‘Two Princes’ (Intro Fill)

2. Chops Builder Feb 2017.

3. Motif Feb 2017
Motif 1
Motif 2

4. Tommy Igoe – Groove Essentials
I didn’t do my Groove Essentials this month!

5. Benny Greb – Language Of DrummingTRIPLETS, Play through letters on Bass Drum while playing letter ‘A’ on Hi Hat with 2 & 4 on snare. Hi Hat & Ride.
(Click on the ‘A’)

6. Wilcoxon – All-American Drummer
Solo 2
Solo 3
Solo 4
Solo 5
Solo 6

7. Rudiment Of The Month5 Stroke Roll

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