Jamming With Students/Benefits Of Recording Yourself

8 year old student Oracle is preparing for a drum exam. We have only had 2 sessions on this track and he is doing amazing. We will get this up to ‘Excellence’ level in no time.

Just like hearing your voice back or seeing a photograph, the camera/microphone doesn’t lie. Are you recording yourself?
It’s the only way to pick up minor issues whether they be timing or technique. We have identified some things to work on from reviewing the footage… watch out for the before and after video!

The first time i heard myself back on a recording i was heartbroken. The bubble was burst! Absolutely one of the best things you can do to improve your drumming instantly. Don’t worry if the results aren’t what you wanted to hear. You are on the right track.
‘The good medicine always tastes bad’.

Get on it!

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