Jan 2017 Practise Pack Debrief

As i mentioned in my previous post, i learnt more in my previous months practise than any month ever. My new practise schedule is working great.
Obviously i didn’t ‘master‘ any particular element in the Jan pack. There is no mastering. I just want to improve.
Importantly i recorded the progress before the end of the month. This is warts and all. It is what it is. I don’t want to obsess over any element either. Do the month and be done with it. It is somewhat part of my vocab now though. There to practise, play and draw on in future.

What i learnt
Take breaks. There’s no awards for putting in the most hours. No one cares. I’ve scheduled in breaks into my practise now. What a difference. Even every 5 minutes if necessary. If my mind is starting to drift, or something is constantly tripping me up i force myself to break. I never practise more than 25 minutes without a break.
Recording as a reference is something i was always doing but to do it with specific goals and timeframe in mind. WOW!
I never play drags! Let me repeat that… i never play drags. Thanks Wilcoxon for letting me know!!! Snare solo 2 and recording it was a shock to the system. I always buzz my ‘drags’. Fixed.
– I got stuck on the rudiment section. I went too far and spread the net too wide. I started delving into the 5 stroke roll as my jan rudiment. I ended up typing up some permutations into sibelius and 9 pages later…. i hadn’t scratched the surface.
This needs a fix. Or at least a change of approach.
– On the recording end. I want to improve the sound of my demos each month. This can be small and incremental. Totally fine with that. I have buddies who are great engineers and there’s also a thing called ‘google’ which apparently has info.
– The Benny Greb stuff i worked on. I put the click on the ‘ands’. I went really slow and i point blank could not do it. To be able to play through my chosen system after a couple of days at it. VERY satisfying!

– Without biting off more than i can chew… I do want to add a new element for Feb.
Learn a famous groove/fill i can’t currently play.

Already planning out the next practise pack.
Roll on Feb!


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