March 2017 – Practise Vlog

Here is a more detailed break down on how and why i am practising this way.

* Everything this month was just recorded with a single condenser. No close Miking.

What I’ve Learnt this month:
– Depending on how many gigs I have on a given month, my actual practise sessions could be as low as 10 days (on kit).
– Put in place a practise pad contingency plan for the busy days/months.
There’s NOT always time to get on the kit. There IS always time to bust out the pad.
– My main teaching kit (the one I’m playing in the videos) is out of tune! Needs a touch up and get rid of the pitch bend on the bottom head.

* I’m still really digging this practise routine. It still isn’t a chore, and I’m having no trouble sticking to the task at hand.
I have left the Groove Essentials element behind. Partly because I made it too daunting for myself and partly just because I was in effect covering it with all the songs I have to learn for gigs.

1. Famous Fill/Groove
Led Zep – Dazed & Confused (fill at 4:57 in original track)
Purdie Shuffle!

2. Chops Builder Mar 2017

3. Motif Mar 2017 (Kick, Left, Right)
Motif 1 (16ths)
Motif 2 (16th Trips)

4. Benny Greb – Language Of Drumming – This month’s system is the good old straight 8ths/read the bass drum. Tried on hats and ride and put click on the ‘and’.

5. Wilcoxon – All-American Drummer
Solo 7
Solo 8
Solo 9
Solo 10

6. Rudiment Of The MonthHerta

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