Off The Record: Cole Goodley

I met Cole at Music School (Auckland Uni) in 2006 and soon realised he was about to kick my ass for the next 3 years.
A very musical guy. Multi Instrumentalist. VERY handy engineer… I know what you’re thinking. ‘Jack of all…’ STOP! Stop right there. Cole has the drum thing down. He just has all the other stuff down as well.

Cole Pic For AndrewFavourite food?
– Learning to cook Chinese at the moment. Quite tasty! So yeah, Chinese.
Favourite film?
– Boring for some, mind-blowing for me. 2001 A Space Odyssey. Saw it in Melbourne once, 75mm print, massive!!
Favourite Album?
– Black Sabbath-Master of Reality…no!! Paranoid…..
Favourite Song?
– Wow, that’s a tough one. Side 2 of Abbey Road by The Beatles. Pretty much counts as one song seeing it’s a medley.
Favourite Groove?
– War of the Worlds. Horsell Common and the Heat Wave. When he open the hats on the e and the a of the bar, I always smile. I use the lick a bit these days.
Favourite Drummer?
– Keith Moon. Why? Childhood favourite. Loved his flamboyance and his odd playing. Always lead with his left hand too even though he was right-handed.
Favourite Kiwi Drummer? (Could be the same as above)
– Grew up listening to Ross Burge when he was playing in The Mutton Birds. Great drummer.
Favourite rudiment?
– 6 Stroke, followed closely by the straight up Paradiddle.
Favourite drum or cymbal?
– Currently it’s my garage score “64 Ludwig Supraphonic 400. It’s pretty cool ya know.
Can you describe your set up?
– I have two set ups. Pretty traditional 4 piece set up, nothing out of the ordinary. I also sometimes play a 5 piece set up (waits for bottle to be thrown). The cymbals are set up a little weirdly but basically my big 20” crash is to the left of the hats, 17” almost in front of me and my ride is in between my second tom and floor tom. It’s my thrash and wave my arms round set up. I Have two kits at present. My “74 Gretsch which I’ve had for about 15 years and a “69 Pearl. Both kits are almost identical except the Gretsch has a 22” Kick and the Pearl a 20”. The rest are 12” 13” 16”. Most of my cymbals are from the 60’s and 70”s and consist of Zildjian and Paiste.
Career Highlight?
Playing the Big Day Out back in 2004. Wow, long time ago. Got to stand next to Josh Homme from Queens of the Stoneage. The guy is a mountain.
Current gigs?
Wolves and Ravens-Covers
Landslide-Fleetwood Mac tribute band. yes you heard that correctly
The Blue Rubies, The Valedictions, Bonfire Baby, Rob Roy Band, The Aristocrats, PanAm (probably my oldest running band) I think that’s it.
Trained or self-taught?
Me? A blend of both. The first 15 years were self-taught and then studied jazz at Auckland Uni for 3 years in my late 20’s
Main teacher or mentor?
Ron Samson, my only teacher really, and a good one at that.
Best advice?
”Don’t hit so damn hard!”
Game changing moment?
When I left University. Realised just how much 3 years of training had actually sunk in.
Recommended study material? Book/DVD etc?
Stick control. Still use it, always helps to straighten out my hands and get more clarity in my playing.
Advice to beginners?
Join a band, practice and then practice some more. Oh, and be open to everything. Knowledge is freedom.
Pre gig warm up?
Singles, doubles, paradiddles, 2 beers and this upside down finger exercise thingy that Ron showed me. Hard to explain obviously.
Currently working on?
My hands and my ears. Forever.
Chops? Yay or Nay?
I love chops, in the right context. Who doesn’t love a mad as hell drum solo?
Most embarrassing moment or Funny gig story?
I have actually managed to drop both drumsticks in succession while trying to gather the first one I dropped. I’m sure no one noticed right???
Strangest song request or audience situation?
I used to play covers at a bar called the crib in Ponsonby. Without fail every week we had a lady turn up, would listen to us play, then listen to her iPod and would then proceed to tell us we were playing certain bits of the song wrong or we were singing incorrect words. She would come every week on her own. She would even try and hand us her Ipod to prove it in between songs.
Pet peeve?
Spending half an hour setting up your kit, you dash off out of the room to grab something and your bloody guitar player is on your kit before you are. Always drives me nuts.
Guilty Pleasure Song or Band?

Check out some of Cole’s current gigs:

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