Off The Record: Sam Edgar

He likes Toto (like me). He likes Jeff Porcaro (like me). He doesn’t take kindly to Wagon Wheel requests (like me). He gigs 7 nights a week ( like ….. oh wait)
Ladies & Gentlemen, Sam Edgar.

Favourite food?
– Curry
Favourite film?
– Batman
Favourite Album?
– Toto IV
Favourite Song?
– Right now: Mind Over Matter by Young The Giant
Favourite Groove?
– Rosanna Shuffle
Favourite Drummer?
– Jeff Porcaro
Favourite Kiwi Drummer?
– Paul Russell (Supergroove, Che Fu, Eight)
Favourite rudiment?
– Paradiddle-diddle
Favourite drum or cymbal?
– My 20” Paiste Traditionals Ride
Can you describe your set up?
– Yamaha Stage Custom kick drum, toms, 14×6 Tama Starphonic Snare, 14×7 Kdrums Rimu/Kauri Snare, 14” Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials Hi Hats, 16” Paiste Formula 602 thin crash, 16” Sabian Vanguard Crash, 18” Sabian HH Dark crash, 20” Paiste Traditionals Medium Ride.
Career Highlight?
– Playing Vector Arena 4 times
Current gigs?
– Playing 7 gigs a week at Danny Doolans/Ohagan’s
Trained or self-taught?
– Bit of both
Main teacher or mentor?
– My Dad (Steve Edgar)
Best advice?
– Have big ears (listen)
Game changing moment?
– Hearing Rosanna for the first time
Recommended study material? Book/DVD etc?
– Jeff Porcaro Instructional DVD, Tommy Igoe Groove Essentials Book
Advice to beginners?
– Practice, practice, practice
Pre gig warm up?
– Singles, Doubles, Paradiddles, Triplets at varying speeds starting slow.
Currently working on?
– Brother To Brother by Gino Vannelli
Chops? Yay or Nay?
– Nay
Most embarrassing moment or Funny gig story?
– Some guy running with pace straight into a closed ranch slider door face first, through the band set up.
Strangest song request or audience situation?
– Cradle Of Filth
Pet peeve?
– Wagon Wheel
Guilty Pleasure Song or Band?
– Van Halen

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