Off The Record: Swap Gomez


Excited to have Mr Swap Gomez on here. When i finally get dragged into the 21st Century and include electronics into my set up, he’ll be the first guy I call to help set me up!
Definitely check out his band Yoko-Zuna for a great live show of Electronic and Hip Hop compositions.

Right… Let’s get cut the small talk and get the 411 on homemade noodles, fear of rack toms and why KFC is bad for your drumming.

Favourite food?
These specific type of noodles only my mum makes lol.
Favourite film?
Back to the Future 1. But like 2 & 3 as well.
Favourite Album?
Dream Theater – Awake
Favourite Song?
Steven Wilson – Insurgentes or DeadMau5 – I Remember
Favourite Groove?
Man…anything that makes a song sound good really! Chris Dave and Perrin Moss from Hiatus Kaiyote do some real mean shit.
Favourite Drummer?
Right now – Anderson Paak. Of all time – Mike Portnoy.
Favourite Kiwi Drummer? (Could be the same as above)
Everyone who is out there working and doing his or her thing! However, one in particular who taught me a lot – Nick Hohepa.
Favourite rudiment?
Can’t go wrong with Paradiddles.
Favourite drum or cymbal?
This broken as Paiste China cymbal Corey Friedlander gave me. Was the best sound ever until it fully fell apart 2 years later, have not been able to replicate it!
Can you describe your set up?
Roland SPD-SX, 14’ Hi-Hat, 16’ Crash, 16’Stacker (10’ splash over crash), 10’ Spiral Cymbal, 10’ Popcorn Snare w upside-down loose head on top, 13’ Piccolo & a de-tuned 8’ Tom as my floor tom, 20’ Kick. Zildjian & PDP. I have a bunch of stuff in the garage but that is about all I use really now.
Career Highlight?
Starting up Yoko-Zuna, releasing albums and touring with the band.
Current gigs?
Yoko-Zuna full time, host a few jam nights & the odd fill in gigs here and there.
Trained or self-taught?
Self-Taught (VHS, DVDs, Youtube) but learned more from being around other musicians, particularly mentors.
Main teacher or mentor?
My Dad
Best advice?
Do YOU. Don’t be afraid to do something different.
Game changing moment?
Watching Dream Theater – Live in Tokyo 94 VHS for the first time. Inspired to take music seriously.
Recommended study material? Book/DVD etc?
JoJo Mayer – Secret Weapons for Modern Drummer. The hands one!
Advice to beginners?
Watch a ton of videos or go out and see gigs – get inspired!
Pre gig warm up?
Paradiddles on my bruising knees lol.
Currently working on?
Endurance & trying not to sweat too much and pass out lol – too much KFC.
Chops? Yay or Nay?
If your REALLY good and creative/original with it then YUP! But I am not so nay for me lol.
Most embarrassing moment or Funny gig story?
Saying the wrong city. “It’s good to be here wrong city”. Got booed.
Strangest song request or audience situation?
Play some f**kng Slayer! never gets old.
Pet peeve?
Rack toms scare the shit outta me.
Guilty Pleasure Song or Band?
Celine Dion – A New Day

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