Off The Record: Dan Claydon


Dan Claydon is only the third friend i’ve featured here and already the contrast between the three drummer’s styles couldn’t be bigger! Love it. Just goes to show one size does NOT fit all when it comes to being a drummer. All these different paths and influences can lead to excellent outcomes. Dan is definitely one out of the bag. We both share a deep admiration of the genius of Michael Jackson. Unfortunately his ‘guilty pleasure’ is a little dissapointing:)

Favourite food?
Real good woodfired pizza
Favourite film?
Terminator 2
Favourite Album?
‘Dangerous’ – Michael Jackson
Favourite Song?
‘Stranger In Moscow’ – MJ
Favourite Groove?
‘Stranger In Moscow’ – MJ
Favourite Drummer?
Dennis Chambers
Favourite Kiwi Drummer?
Adam Tobeck, Mickey Utuatonga, Sofi Pua, Swap Gomez, Tristan Reilly.
Favourite rudiment?
Favourite drum or cymbal?
13 by 6 DW Edge snare
Can you describe your set up?
x2 DW Collectors maples 6 pieces. In black sparkle with black nickel hardware and Cherry to black satin fade.
Career Highlight?
Being able to make money doing something I love.
Current gigs?
Pop Rock covers with Evolution, Motown/soul/funk with the Soul pit orchestra, Routinely filling in with Blues/Rockabilly group the Recliner rockers.
Trained or self taught?
Bit of both.
Main teacher or mentor?
Chris Dawson.
Best advice?
“practice s**t you cant play” – Chris Dawson
Game changing moment?
Realising I could play and sing.
Recommended study material? Book/DVD etc?
Groove essentials, Thomas Lang’s creative control.
Advice to beginners?
Learn to play good time with a confident kick drum. Practice…. This 20 mins a week stuff does not a good drummer make.
Pre gig warm up?
Flip sticks over and play with fingers against the forearms.
Currently working on?
Everything! Haha improving my left foot is a constant struggle as well as my phrasing.
Chops? Yay or Nay?
Yay and nay. Depends on the song.
Most embarrassing moment or Funny gig story?
Dropping sticks amidst stick tricks, never a good look, Having my throne fall apart midsong was also a classic.
Strangest song request or audience situation?
“Some of it was good but some of it was s**t” Feedback following a metal gig in Gisborne.
Additionally “You’re pretty good for a white fulla”

Pet peeve?
Drummers who look like they’re bored. Move man!!!! How do you expect people to get into it if you’re looking like a totem pole?
Guilty Pleasure Song or Band?
I like Nickelback.

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