Off The Record: Glen Child

Glen first came on my radar about 7 years ago when i started gigging heavily around Auckland. Who was this mythical timekeeper i kept hearing about? His name was spoken in hushed tones followed by ‘perfect…’, ‘impeccable…’ and other intimidating adjectives. So let’s find out what makes Glen tick!

Favourite food?
Favourite film?
Star Wars
Favourite Album?
Incognito – “Positivity”
Favourite Song?
“The night they drove old Dixie down” – The Band
Favourite Groove?
“Dixie Chicken” – Little Feat
Favourite Drummer?
Levon Helm
Favourite Kiwi Drummer?
Darren Mathiassen
Favourite rudiment?
6 stroke roll
Favourite drum or cymbal?
Ludwig 400
Can you describe your set up?
Yamaha Beech Custom, 22″ or 20″ BD, 10″, 14 ” Toms, Snares: Ludwig 400 or Pearl 13 x 5 Omar Hakim. 14″ Zildjian new beat Hi-Hats, 17″ A custom Crash, 20″ Paiste dark energy ride, 18″ Paiste twenty series crash.
Career Highlight?
Playing with Annie Crummer at Auckland Festival. Amazing band, amazing songs, I felt very lucky to be part of it
Current gigs?
Contagious (covers), various deps for other bands, Baby Bird 3 (jazz/funk/fusion), Tempist Fujuit
Trained or self taught?
Main teacher or mentor?
Paul Elliot and Brian Greene
Best advice?
KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid. Turn up on time, play in time, all the time
Game changing moment?
Realising that with hard work and practice I could actually make a living hitting things.
Recommended study material? Book/DVD etc?
Great Hands for a lifetime, Time functioning patterns, Language of drumming
Advice to beginners?
Get a metronome, practice as much as you can.
Pre gig warm up?
Flat white, followed by the Lifetime warm up
Currently working on?
Advanced lifetime warm up, Blood sweat and tears book and Anything that I need
to work on for my current gigs

Chops? Yay or Nay?
Most embarrassing moment or Funny gig story?
Playing a Masonic function and 4 members of the band won most of the prizes
in the Raffle. Hmm, did we rig it :-)

Strangest song request or audience situation?
Male punter requesting “dancing queen” when we were a male 4 piece blues

Pet peeve?
Guitarists who have no idea how LOUD they’re playing.
Guilty Pleasure Song or Band?
Curiosity Killed The Cat

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