Off The Record: Matt Samuels

Matt and i started making music together as rappers in our High School rap/rock band ‘Rigmarole’. When I hung up my microphone… Matt went on to front ‘Stylus’ who released 2 albums and toured nationwide with groups like Blindspott and Alien Ant Farm. The whole time Matt was also working as a session drummer, live and in studio. Laying it down for multiple covers acts as well as Jason Kerrison, James Reid, Michael Murphy, Taye Williams, The Gaze and even Bryan McFadden (Westlife) to name a few!
In his ‘spare time’ Matt works at ‘The Rock’ radio station, DJ’s huge functions, ring announces at the boxing and is a pretty handy Hip Hop dancer. He even MC’d my wedding.
No job too big, no job too small… Matty Samuels can do it all!

Q & A with Matt…

Favourite food?
Japanese Bento
Favourite film?
Shaolin Soccer
Favourite Album?
Glassjaw, Worship & Tribute
Favourite Song?
Glassjaw, Trailer Park Jesus
Favourite Groove?
Jeff Porcaro 1/2 time shuffle (Rosanna beat) .. Coz I can’t play it!
Favourite Drummer?
Chad Sexton, 311
Favourite Kiwi Drummer?
Aja Timu
Favourite rudiment?
Single stroke roll
Favourite drum or cymbal?
8″ tom, 8″ splash
Can you describe your set up?
Pacific Maple LX. 22″ Kick, 14″snare, 8″ tom, 10″ tom (there’s more but this is all I ever use). Agean Cymbals. 14″ Stoned Hats, 8″ Custom Splash, 16″ Jazz Series Crash.
Career Highlight?
Drumming for I Am Giant. 2 x dates in the Summer Tour 2014.
Current gigs?
Mix Tape Brothers. Acoustic Duo with Chris Reed. Play Friday nights @ Zoo Keepers Son, Royal Oak & Brew on Quay, CBD
Trained or self taught?
Self Taught
Main teacher or mentor?
Living Colors, Vivid LP
Best advice?
No matter what level you’re at.. add your own flavor, buy a bus ticket and go to town.
Game changing moment?
Realising that I can just teach myself how to play everything. eg) Jeff Porcaro 1/2 time shuffle
Recommended study material? Book/DVD etc?
Any kind of literature on Bhuddism
Advice to beginners?
Join a band
Pre gig warm up?
Have a feed.. hit the bathroom.. grab a beer and a lime soda (no cordial)
Currently working on?
Jeff Porcaro 1/2 time shuffle
Chops? Yay or Nay?
Yay! A little spice adds to the flavor of life!
Most embarrassing moment or Funny gig story?
Corporate function. Band about to start. Guitarist starts first song. about to bring in the drums.. realize I don’t have my sticks.. at all! Have to run off stage and find something to use while the band has already started. Shame. I had spare sticks in my car. Took me 1/2 the song to get them tho.
Strangest song request or audience situation?
Buff Asian dude at a wedding yelling “Katy Perryyyyy!” relentlessly all night.
Pet peeve?
People spilling drinks all over every f*cking thing!
Guilty Pleasure Song or Band?
Sha-la-la, Venga Boys. Right Said Fred, I’m too sexy.

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