Results of Kick Mic Shootout (blind test)

Below is a video i made to compare my 2 kick mics. Shure PG52 vs Sennheiser e902. Please DON’T read on if you haven’t watched the video…

If my snare mic shootout was a split decision, this was a first round knockout. Mic A was the e902. Mic B, the PG52. And boy… there was a difference!

Lowdown: The definition and thump provided by the Sennheiser mic is fantastic. I did research mics before buying it so i did expect a noticeable difference. Some mitigating circumstances may include the e902 being brand new as opposed to the Shure mic which has done hundreds of gigs for me. But still. WOWSERS! If you want to save 100 measly dollars on kick a mic… um maybe save up another week? Just sayin’!

I look forward to comparing my e902 to other industry standard kick mics such as the AKG D112, Shure Beta 52A and an Audix D6. Maybe even a e602. Stay tuned. Until then i feel safe in the knowledge i’m getting a GREAT kick sound out of my sleek (sexy?… i think so) Sennheiser e902!

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