Results of Snare Mic Shootout (blind test)

Below is a video i made to compare my 2 snare mics. An SM57 and a PG56. Please DON’T read on if you haven’t watched the video…

It was an opportunity to try out my new recording set up and do some controlled experiments with mics. I don’t think it’s necessary to make another video to let the cat out of the bag, So… drum roll?

Mic A was the 57. Mic B, the PG 56.

Disclaimer: I am an AMATEUR engineer (with 4 days experience), so it has been bought to my attention that mic placement and various other factors could be employed to maximize each mic. But that was kind of the point… Basically just to throw them up and have a listen.

I got some great feedback and actually learnt a heap doing this. Proximity Effect!?

Basically the majority of people couldn’t hear a difference. And if so couldn’t discern the more expensive (industry standard) mic from the cheaper one.

A smaller amount of people said Mic B was somehow ‘fatter’ and bought out more character from the drum.

1 person predicted correctly (and confidently) which one was the 57… 1 person!
No one said they preferred Mic A.

Lowdown: It’s hard because i knew… but to be honest and trying to not judge with bias, i don’t hear much difference.
I would say Mic A is slightly ‘richer’ and a bit more forgiving on the highs. But that’s really searching.

I say the PG56 performed well against the much more fancied 57. I only ever used the 56 for live gigs (where i have to mic myself) and do feel good that the sound is absolutely fine.

Really fun test. Got heaps more ideas for this kind of thing. Stay Tuned!

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